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The Law – Queensland Pool Fence Regulations

Understanding the new QLD Pool Safety Laws

If selling or entering into a lease or other accommodation agreement (e.g. hotel stay) for a property with a pool, a pool safety certificate must be obtained from a licensed pool safety inspector. – Queensland Government

How can I arrange a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate?

The Pool Fence People are licensed to licensed to inspect all SE QLD pool fencing (including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Ipswich and all surrounding areas) guaranteeing your compliance with Queensland pool regulations.  Book your Brisbane Pool Inspection today!

How do I know if my pool fence is compliant?

Visit our Online Pool Inspector for an online checklist of the most common safety compliance issues.

Ensuring your swimming pool or spa is compliant with the new Queensland pool fencing regulations is now a serious business.

For QLD swimming pool and spa owners, fines of up to $16,500 can apply for non compliance for individuals and even more for companies (a whopping $82,500+). The government is now starting to fine Queensland pool owners for non-compliance, so you need to take these laws seriously.

Is my Pool Shared or Non-Shared?

The new Queensland pool laws essentially designates what are best termed ‘ trigger events’ around the sale or purchase of property, rental lease renewals in the ‘Non Shared’ pool environment and immediate requirements in the ‘Shared’ Pool environment, which covers Body Corporates, short term accommodation operators and the like.

You can see a broad breakdown of the requirements below.

Shared Pools

There has certainly been lots of confusion amongst people in regards to shared pool requirements. We will dispell all of the myths here. Shared pools are best defined as those which can be accessed by ‘two or more dwellings’. These are typically Body Corporate unit complexes, backpackers, motels and the like.  If you are selling or leasing a property which has access to a shared pool then it is a requirement for the defined pool owner ( usually the Body Corporate ) to get a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate in place by 30 November 2012 or 31st May 2011 for short term accommodation operators (motels/hotels etc – unless you have a Pool Safety Management Plan in place). If no certificate is in place prior to this date then in the case of Body Corporates you will need a Form 36 Notice in place and presented to the appropriate parties ( purchaser / tennant / government) . Don’t delay get it done now and reduce your paperwork burden.

Once issued certificates are valid for one year.

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Non Shared Pools

From 1st December 2010 any property with a non shared pool that is bought or sold must have a valid certificate in place at the latest 90 days from settlement ( in the case of a Form 36 being issued).  However there is a genuine risk as a purchaser or seller that your contract of sale may be unable to complete if you do not have a valid certificate in place in some circumstances. Contracts of sale have fallen over already due to the lack of a certificate being in place. We advise as best practice that either the seller  the purchaser or the Real Estate Agent  arranges to get a pool safety certificate in place prior to settlement to protect themselves from unforeseen issues and ensure a smooth process. To book a pool fence inspection, simply click on the link below or call 1300 866 463. All non shared pools MUST be compliant with the new legislation at the latest November 30 2015.

For rental properties the legislation has again changed recently and there is now an amnesty for properties entering into an accommodation agreement from 08 January 2011 until 08 July 2011 ( yes that date has passed!). You are required to have the appropriate Form 37 notice of exemption in place though. Following on from this date if you are entering into an accommodation agreement then you must have a pool safety certificate in place. In order to save the last minute rush we are recommending that you undertake proactive action NOW. To book an inspection simply click on the link below or call 1300 866 463.

Once issued certificates are valid for two years.

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For more detailed information please visit the QLD governments website –