Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane

Non-Shared Pools

Non-Shared Pools

In certain circumstances residential or ‘shared pools’ are required to get certified before the end of the grace period.  For more information read on.


If you are selling you are legally bound to provide the prospective purchaser with a copy of your Pool Compliance Certificate unless you provide a Non Compliance disclosure statement to the purchaser, who then has 90 days to get a compliance certificate in place. Our experience tells us that if you are selling your house and want to put yourself in the best negotiation position possible it is prudent to have your pool certified to avoid the risk of a purchaser negotiating price reductions around your potential non compliance. You also run the risk of a contract of sale falling over for non compliance reasons due to the new termination clauses in REIQ contracts. You should view a Pool Safety Certificate as importantly as a Building and Pest Inspection if not more so given the fines for non compliance reaching up to $16,500

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Some purchasers wish to ensure that their new home is fully compliant with the new legislation and that involves booking a pool fence inspection. If this applies to you, simply book online below or call 1300 866 463 and we will take care of your every need.

Real Estate / Property Managers

For Property Managers who have portfolios with pools present the leasing rules apply. No exceptions! In order to assist you remove the administration burden from your desktops our specifically designed ‘Pool Fence Pro’ web solution allows you to simply upload all properties with a pool from your practice management or accounting software into our dynamic online solution and we can take care of the entire process for you including the issuing of Form 9 entry notices, effective follow up for reinspections so that you are given every opportunity to be compliant within the 90 days period and further compliance inspections. Our unique database connects you to our office and our office to our inspectors  so you can keep your eyes on what we are up to but all of your admin burden is gone at the click of a button – allowing you to concentrate on the million and one other things you need to do! For Real Estate agents needing one off searches for house sales our easy to navigate online or phone booking solution is just for you.

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