Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane

Shared Pools

Body Corporates

You need a safety certificate within the phase in period for Shared Pools ( by 30 November 2012) If a unit owner sells or leases during that time by either signing a new agreement or leasing for the first time or to a new tenant. It is the responsibility of the Body Corporate as the defined pool owner to ensure compliance. Prior to this date you will need a Form36 Notice.

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Hotels Motels & Resorts

You must have a compliance certificate in place within six months of the commencement of the legislation. By 31st May 2011 if you don’t have one in place you cannot let a room for money! No way out of that one. Our advice is for you to inspect now as if you are non compliant you may have to wait some time for any required repairs or maintenance to be carried out to ensure compliance.  Currently the vast majority of pools being inspected currently are not passing safety inspections first time and require reinspection.

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Others – Trailer Parks, Backpackers / Hostels and the like

You need your certificate in place by end of May 2011. No further grace period applies.

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