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Welcome to the Pool Fence People’s Real Estate Portal!

This page is designed to assist Property Managers and Real Estate Agents manage their clients’ obligations in regards to the new pool fencing regulations and assist by helping your clients to achieve compliance with a positive outcome for all. On this page we will include the relevant forms that you may require and provide legislative and news updates as they appear.

You can also order your free  listing compliance reports from this portal using the form below. This is a list of all of the properties in your portfolio with a pool present and whether or not they are reigstered and certified.

Legislation & The Real Estate Industry – Real Estate Agents
Non Shared Pools

A non shared pool is effectively your ‘back yard’ pool and can only accessed by one dwelling. If you are selling a property with a non shared pool the best advice we can give is to ensure that there is a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate in place prior to listing. You can arrange this by calling us on 1300 866 463 and arranging a pool fence inspection or booking online. Once a Form 23 is in place on a non shared pool it is valid for two years. If the property is sold again during that time period there are no further requirements for safety certificates to be issued.

If we visit a property to inspect the pool and it fails an inspection usually we will issue a Form 26 Non Compliance Notice within 2 business days. That gives the property owner 90 days to make any necessary repairs or adjustments to make the pool a complying pool. Once that is done we need to visit to perform a reinspection and hopefully pass the pool. Note – if there are any minor issues on the day we are (within reason) happy to let you fix them up while we are present in order to facilitate prompt certification. Not everybody is.

Shared Pools

Shared Pools will typically sit within a Community Title Scheme (CTS) or Body Corporate Environment. The defined pool owner is usually the Body Corporate. All shared pools must have a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate in place by 30 November 2012 and once in place they last one year. If you want to check if a Shared Pool has a Safety Certificate in place simply call us on 1300 866 463 and we will check for you free of charge. If a Pool Safety Certificate is not in place then you can still sell the property but a Form 36 Notice of no pool Safety Certificate must be issued to the buyer and the Queensland Government. It’s a lot easier to get a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate in place!

Legislation & The Real Estate Industry – Property Managers
Non Shared Pools

As per above, a non shared pool is effectively your ‘back yard’ pool and can only accessed by one property. Any rental properties that have a non shared pool on them MUST have a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate in place from 8th July 2011 if any material change is made to the lease – that includes a new lease, a new tenant or rent changes for example. In the meantime a Form 37 Notice is required. It is therefore strongly advisable to arrange a pool safety inspection immediately for any rental properties with pools so that there is no risk of a loss of income. Once in place the Form 23 will last for two years from date of issue.

Shared Pools

As per above a shared pool will typically sit within a Body Corporate or CTS environment and the defined pool owner would not be the individual unit owner (unless there is for example a spa on the individual deck of a unit for example). All non shared pools (with the exception of short term accommodation operators who have a tighter deadline) must have a Pool Safety Certificate in place by 30th November 2012 and once in place they last for one year. The Pool Safety Certificate should always be passed to a new tenant as ‘proof’ there is one in place however it is the responsibility of the Body Corporate to ensure its currency. That puts you in a difficult position so it is advisable to have a level of control over the situation and know about the process and plans for ensuring initial and ongoing certification. Simply passing us a list of all the unit complexes with pools you have rentals in and contact details for the Body Corporate will enable us to make direct contact with them and endeavour to ensure compliance.